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Gerda, a Czech immigrant is selling encyclopedias door to door in order to stay in America. A teen girl keeps getting lost on her way home. Through each other the two women confront the traumas that are haunting them. The play explores recurring trauma cycles and challenges the audience to see female trauma that is too often purposefully overlooked.

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Developed with Columbia University, Fresh Ground PepperDenmark Arts Center, and The Bechdel Group.

Zetta Rubina has felt certain for a long time that her lower left leg shouldn’t be there. It’s a nagging feeling that overwhelms all her thoughts. As she looks into the medical options for getting relief from the mental anguish caused by Body Integrity Identity Disorder, she must grapple with the ethics of the medical community, the fear and disgust of her mother, and the confusion and hurt of her husband. It becomes clearer and clearer that in order for Zetta Rubina to get relief she must self-amputate, but can she do it alone?

Hope on Stage Award, Finalist
Princess Grace Award, Semifinalist
Cherry Lane Theatre Mentor Project, Semifinalist

world premiere available
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This play is about religion. In the future. In outer space. It’s a human play about the unknown. It’s also about trust, love and believing with every fiber of your existence. 

Developed with Pipeline Theatre Company's Playlab
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Breathing in the Rain is the story of 12 year old Mairyn and her younger sister striving for normalcy while their parents are away. But they’re not really alone. Mama’s only in the hospital for a short while. Papa’s coming home soon from work on a cruise ship. And their deceased grandfather’s magic still protects the family property. As long as they still live there, they’re safe and anything seems possible, even holding her disintegrating family together. But the family home was damaged in an epic storm, their FEMA trailer is being taking away, and child services just came knocking.

world premiere available           2 women, 5 men, 1 puppet         contact me about this play

playwright at work

playwright at work

Nate and Devin are recreational surfers. On the anniversary of Nate’s girlfriend's drowning, he suffers a recurring dream: he can’t save her. A mysterious woman appears on their door step forces herself into their lives. Nate is inexplicably drawn to her, but is too stubborn and she wins Devin’s heart easily. She convinces them to enter a local surfing competition, during which they get into a fist fight that puts Devin in a coma.

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Marta's near estrangement from her sister doesn't bother her, until that sister, Lou, shows up on her door step - bags and teenage daughter in hand - looking for a place to hang her hat. But sometimes close quarters make for even stranger sisters, and Marta finds it difficult balancing her imaginary boyfriend and her real family.

3 women, 1 set                              world premiere available                            contact me about this play

Laurie and Shirley, run the Ancestor Tree Retreat in the redwood forests of California. One by one the attendees of the retreat arrive lugging more than their suitcase’s worth of baggage. As the six women cannonball through the therapy sessions that resemble AA meetings and new age exploration exercises that feel like theatre exercises, tempers flare and the lives of the sisters are exposed more than ever intended. As the tension mounts, the tables turn and the lines between student and teacher blur.  

6 women, 1 set                              world premiere available                             contact me about this play

The Pastry Queen is about the time honored American traditions of cooking, competing and cheating. When the 20 year reign of the Pastry Queen ends with her sudden death, Virginia Creek’s yearly baking contest heats up in a titanic battle of social status, where the old fight the young, the sly combat the eager and everyone’s  double entendres are challenged. This is a small town where only the strongest pastry crust survives. 

7 women, 4 men, 1 set                  world premiere available                           contact me about this play